Grants For Laid-Off Journos

The new George Polk Grants for Investigative Reporting will pay for seasoned journalists who “know where the bodies are buried” to “go about digging them up,” thanks to a grant from the Ford Foundation.

The awards are aimed at journalists with experience, who aren’t currently employed. (However, while laid-off journos get special consideration, being unemployed isn’t a requirement.)

In addition to providing a temporary lifeline for experienced reporters, the awards are meant to “draw attention to the Internet as a vehicle for uncovering corruption and abuse,” as Polk Awards curator John Darnton said in a release.

The awards will range from $2,500 to $10,000 depending on the length of the proposed project, and comes with editorial supervision; the program will “attempt to place the resulting article on the Web and also in print or on radio or television.”

Apply here.