Grantoo, Miniclip team to add Rail Rush tournaments

Image via Grantoo

San Francisco-based Grantoo is set to announce a new partnership with Miniclip in order to bring multiplayer and tournament play to the popular game Rail Rush, a title that currently features over 1 million daily active users.

Now live on iOS and Android, gamers have the option to challenge Facebook friends as well as other Rail Rush players inside the Grantoo network, complete with multiplayer scores and leaderboards.

Adding to the new multiplayer structure will be sponsored tournaments where the gamer with the highest score at the end of the week will win money for the charity of their choice. And thanks to Grantoo’s mission to help developers monetize without the nagging intrusiveness of advertisements running on screen during gameplay, the sponsorships will only be seen using skins inside the tournament lobby and never in-game.

“We know from experience that multiplayer and live events increase engagement, retention and monetization in mobile games,” said Saad Choudri, Vice President of Business Affairs at Miniclip. “Not only does Grantoo provide these features as a plug-and-play solution, they unlock additional revenue through its brand-sponsored tournaments, opening the door to millions of dollars in brand advertising budgets.”

According to numbers provided by Grantoo, the company’s SDK is racking up some pretty remarkable results for its tournament partners. GameLion’s Monster Shooter saw an ARPDAU increase of 2.9¢ during tournaments thanks to the sponsorship revenue, and 3D Integer Game’s Dirt Road Trucker 3D saw an ARPDAU increase of 0.9¢ over the month of July. Indie developer Alain-Daniel Bourdages’s Pinball Deluxe saw engagement increase 281% during tournaments, with users playing an average of 11.8 rounds each.

“For Miniclip to choose a third-party SDK, it not only shows their understanding of the value of multiplayer in retention and engagement, but it also shows how our platform can be a fit for companies that typically shy away from banner ads and other intrusive advertising,” said Tyler York, Director of Business Development at Grantoo. “The reality is, developers want something different, and that’s what we’re here to provide.”