Grantland vs. Deadspin

It’s been about a month and a half since the launch of Bill Simmons’ sports/pop culture site Grantland. Since that time, Gawker Media’s sports site Deadspin has featured about 10 pieces trashing its upstart rival. Possibly because Grantland tried to poach Deadspin’s Tommy Craggs, possibly because they’re nervous about the competition, but more likely because that’s just what they do.

Grantland has been getting mostly kudos for its content thus far. But kudos don’t pay the bills. So how’s the site faring traffic-wise? The chart above shows an Alexa side-by-side comparison of Grantland and Deadspin’s global reach. As you can see, Grantland had a huge launch, but seems to have settled down a bit–pulling in about the same reach as Deadspin. Keep in mind, these two sites tackle virtually the same subjects but with wildly different philosophies. Deadspin publishes about 15 posts a day–some simply quick-hit videos, others slightly longer and loaded with snark–while Grantland typically has 3-4 longform pieces rooted in earnestness. Deadspin also has a heavy emphasis on the comment sections of its pieces, while Grantland has forgone reader feedback in favor of old-school media omniscience.

Grantland’s numbers seem to still be trending downward, as the buzz of its initial launch recedes from memory. We’ll see how long they stick with the no-comment-thing if their numbers start to dip below Deadspin’s.