Grantland in the LA Times

Seems a little late, but the LA Times finally got around to interviewing Bill Simmons about his new LA-based sports/pop culture site Grantland. Writer Patrick Goldstein concluded his piece on Grantland thusly.

When I confessed to Simmons that I’d even found myself sucked into reading Klosterman’s second-by-second analysis of an especially awful 1979 Led Zeppelin performance of “In the Evening,” he smelled victory.

“That’s our goal — to make people waste their time. And as long as they’re wasting their time on our site, we’re winning.”

Interesting, since Goldstein already wrote that Simmons ascribed to the philosophy that it is “foolish to chase page views by emphasizing quantity over quality.” You don’t pay Malcolm Gladwellto be a consulting editor to draw people in to waste their time. You pay him to be taken seriously. Simmons is clearly kidding.

Anyway, Goldstein calls Grantland “required reading” which we don’t disagree with. We’ve checked it almost every day since its launch and consistently find ourselves finishing at least a piece a day. No small task, since, as Goldstein notes, the site’s stories run long. Really long.