Grandma’s Tweeting, And She Loves It

In a recent survey, grandparents were asked whether they had a social media presence, and which one(s) they used. One fifth, a surprisingly high proportion, of those surveyed had at least one social media account, and a third of those with an account used Twitter.

According to the Telegraph, the survey comes from website, which asked people visiting the site to answer some questions about how they use social media. They collected answers from 1,341 grandparents over the age of 60.

Of the 22 percent of grandparents who have a social media presence, 68 percent of them said they signed up in the past year. Just over half of these social media savvy grandparents said they signed up because they were encouraged by younger members of their families, 25 percent said it was because they wanted to find old friends, and 20 percent signed up to keep in touch with friends and family.

Over half of the respondents say they log in to their social media account(s) at least once per day, and 33 percent say they check in a few times a month.

According to a recent study from Pew, 8 percent of internet users aged 50 to 64 and 6 percent of internet users 65+ are on Twitter, both age groups up from 4 percent in November 2010. This is pretty close to the survey findings from, which found that about 6.6% of internet users aged 60+ were on Twitter.