Grand Theft Auto 3, He-Man, The Bard’s Tale and more on this week’s top paid app charts

In tandem with Rockstar’s recent announcement of Grand Theft Auto: Vice City for mobile, Grand Theft Auto 3 dropped in price to $0.99, which vaulted the open-world action adventurer to the No. 2 spot on the top paid iPhone apps chart, the No. 7 spot on iPad and the No. 10 spot on Android. Picked as an Editor’s Choice in the Apple App Store, newly released He-Man: The Most Powerful Game in the Universe debuted at the No. 8 position on iPhone and No. 3 position on iPad.

Action RPG The Bard’s Tale, developed by Inxile Entertainment, is on sale for $2.99, which moved the game up to the No. 20 spot on the top paid Android apps chart. The rest of the Android chart was very much the same as last week.

This week’s top paid iPhone apps

NameRankChangeIn App Purchases
1.Bad Piggies1=Yes
2.Grand Theft Auto 32=No
3.WhatsApp Messenger3=No
4.Minecraft – Pocket Edition4=No
5.Plague Inc.5▲1Yes
6.Plants vs. Zombies6▼1Yes
7.Living Earth7▲2No
8.He-Man: The Most Powerful Game in the Universe8▼1Yes
10.Fruit Ninja10=Yes
12.Angry Birds Space12▼1Yes
14.Arms Cartel Global14▲6Yes
15.NOAA Hi-Def Radar15▲12No
16.Angry Birds Seasons16▼3Yes
17.Where’s My Water?17=Yes
18.R-Tech Commander Colony XD18▲7Yes
21.Toca Tailor21▼6No
23.Sonic Jump23▲3Yes
24.Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars24▼5No
25.xCut the Rope25▼3Yes


This week’s top paid iPad apps

NameRankChangeIn App Purchases
1.Plants vs. Zombies HD1=Yes
2.Bad Piggies HD2=Yes
3.He-Man: The Most Powerful Game in the Universe3=Yes
4.Toca Tailor4=No
5.The Room5=No
6.Minecraft – Pocket Edition6=No
7.Grand Theft Auto 37=No
8.Disney Junior Minnie Mouseke-Puzzles8=No
10.Angry Birds Space HD10▼1Yes
11.Where’s My Water?11=Yes
12.Angry Birds Seasons HD12=Yes
13.Stack the States13=No
14.TETRIS for iPad14=Yes
15.Sonic Jump15=Yes
16.NOAA Hi-Def Radar16▲1No
17.Plague Inc.17▼1Yes
19.Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars HD19▼1No
23.Cut the Rope HD23▼4Yes
24.THE GAME OF LIFE for iPad24▲15No
25.xReal Racing 2 HD25▼3Yes


This week’s top paid Android apps

1.SwiftKey 3 Keyboard1=
2.Titanium Backup PRO2=
3.Beautiful Widgets3=
4.Root Explorer4=
5.Nova Launcher Prime5=
6.Camera ZOOM FX6=
7.ROM Manager7=
8.TuneIn Radio Pro8=
10.Grand Theft Auto III10▲3
11.HD Widgets11▼1
12.Minecraft – Pocket Edition12▼1
13.Tapatalk Forum App13▼1
14.ROM Toolbox Pro14=
15.Smart Tools15=
16.Angry Birds Space Premium16▲1
17.Where’s My Water?17▲1
18.SoundHound ∞18▲1
19.Paper Camera19▲1
20.The Bard’s Tale20▼4
21.WeatherBug Elite21▲2
22.SetCPU for Root Users22=
23.Cut the Rope23▼2
24.OfficeSuite Pro 624=
25.XDA Premium25=


All data in this post comes from our traffic tracking service AppData.