Grand Homes Reviews How to Approach Home Inspection

Grand Homes reviews the most important questions to ask a home inspector, noting that home inspections are an important part of buying and owning any home. Grand Homes is a homebuilder in the Dallas-Fort Worth Area that develops and builds mid-range homes. The company is in the top 10 in production in Texas, building roughly 400 homes a year. Grand Homes reviews the needs of today’s homeowners, making sure to reflect these requirements in the impressive work the company generates. For more than 25 years, Grand Homes has served as a leading homebuilder, and it has expanded significantly.

The company extends a diverse array of semi-custom home options to prospective homeowners and has earned a high reputation for building homes within 35 established communities in the area. Staffed with nearly 200 talented and dedicated employees, the homebuilder has amassed attention as an award-winning contracting company.

As a thought leader in the industry, Grand Homes reviews how a professional home inspector plays a crucial role in the final buying or selling decision, alerting homebuyers to potential issues within a property. How a prospective buyer approaches the home inspection process can make or break the entire home buying experience, as it can shed further insight into the property to help individuals make more informed decisions.

Before learning how to effectively approach home inspection, Grand Homes reviews some of the biggest home inspection mistakes, advising homeowners away from these common pitfalls:

Mistake #1: Failure to inspect new construction.

The staff at Grand Homes acknowledges that even seasoned homebuyers can sometimes make this common mistake. Grand Homes reviews that some people sometimes skip over this step because they believe that the home is in good shape because it passed all local codes and ordinances. However, the homebuilder team encourages buyers to take the safer route rather than assuming the builder or contractor performed everything correctly just because the home passed code.

“An inspector is your last call against major issues that could cost you in the long run,” said a representative.

Mistake #2: Going the cheaper route when choosing an inspector.

Grand Homes reviews the importance of choosing a knowledgeable inspector, urging homeowners to select an inspector for the right reasons. Some individuals select professionals based on the fact that they are the cheapest inspection company or simply because it was recommended by the realtor. Rather than making a monumental decision based on who provides the cheapest services, the staff recommends choosing someone who is competent, trustworthy, and a professional who will ultimately provide you with a comprehensive checkup of the property.

“You’re about to make one of the biggest investments of your life,” said a representative. “Make sure it is someone who is tech-savvy with experience and knowledge. Referrals are great places to start, but make sure you ask for a couple of different professionals to determine who will be the right fit.”

Mistake #3: Not being present at the inspection.

Homeowners are encouraged to be present at the inspection, as the written report from the inspector is not nearly as insightful as physically being at the inspection, gaining a clear understanding of the condition of the house.

“Buyers do not necessarily understand what the major and minor issues are unless they tag along with the inspector,” said a staff person. “They might not be able to decipher between small and large problems, skewing their perspective on the overall property. You really want to go along with the inspector to hear his or her professional insight on the matter.”

Once homebuyers are familiar with what not to do in regards to the home inspection process, Grand Homes reviews the importance of asking the right questions at the right time.