Graffiti ‘Splasher’ Caught @ Shepard Fairey Opening?


Was the infamous street art “Splasher” caught last night? The art world has always had its share of wankers. But when someone attempts to set off stink and smoke bombs in a crowded art gallery, it takes things to a new level. At last night’s Shepard Fairey opening at 81 Front Street in DUMBO, two men were caught by security trying to set off stink and smoke bombs inside coffee cans — at an event with a line for entry that stretched around the block and a guest list of nearly 3,000. One of the bombers was caught by security — street art site Wooster Collective has the info and even obtained a pic of the suspect [above]. It turns out there’s reason to believe that the suspect might be the alleged Splasher. Gothamist has more info, as does Juxtapoz.

FishbowlNY just spoke with Marc Schiller of the Wooster Collective, who was across the street at the time of the chaos. According to Schiller, the real story isn’t the possible connection to the Splasher — rather, the danger people at the event were put in: “It’s one thing to throw paint and get attention by destroying a layer of the city a lot of people respond to. But creating chaos in an extremely crowded gallery and putting lives in jeopardy is a whole other thing.”

Eyewitnesses at the venue also report the suspect was the same person who set off stink bombs at the recent Faile exhibition on the Lower East Side.