Graffiti App Lets Friends Tag Your Profile

Graffiti ApplicationWant to let friends draw things on the walls of your profile? You are in luck because the new Graffiti application launched by Ted Suzman, Tim Suzman, and Mark Kantor will let you do just that. No longer will you be forced to deal with boring text wall postings. Now you can get your friends to be a little more creative and draw something. While some users are more creative than others, all users that visit your profile can stick around a little longer by giving them something else to interact with. While I personally got the urge to draw inappropriate images on my friend’s profile, I refrained once I noticed that other users (well most of them) had draw suprisingly creative images. Maybe that’s a key difference between Myspace and Facebook users. Either way, if you want to let your friends tag on your wall go check out the Graffiti application.