Grading Time Out‘s ‘Grading The Critics’ Issue

We’re suckers for meta, so this “TONY Grades The Critics!” pet project from the mind of Time Out New York editor Brian Farnham allows the perfect opportunity for meta-absurdity. According to TONY, the Times critics are “nearly universally deemed to be the most influential,” though “some scored low in taste and knowledge.” Take that, Ben Brantley!

We’d have to agree with TONY’s critics’ criticism of Post pop music critic Dan Aquilante: “If he doesn’t like it, I’ll buy it.”

TONY allowed its critics to be graded, and held “its own quite well in eight genres of criticism.” Still, this part seems a little unnecessary:

To maintain the integrity of the project, TONY contracted an independent proctor: Samir Husni, chairman of the department of journalism at the University of Mississippi and an expert on the magazine industry. Husni read and collated the submissions; consequently, nobody at TONY knows how the individual panelists graded or which comments were made by whom.

Does this guy have to involved in everything every magazine does, ever?

FishbowlNY’s Grade: 3.1

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