GQ Debuts First Issue of GQ Style

Featuring Robert Downey Jr.

CiEUEoYXAAEBhLu.jpg-largeThe first issue of GQ Style—born when Condé Nast folded Details last November—is here. The cover features Robert Downey Jr. and the accompanying interview is penned by Zach Baron.

As for what readers can expect from GQ Style, editor Will Welch summed it up with one word: Thrive.

“What the hell does luxury even mean in 2016? At this point, the term is an empty shell—a talking point for marketers up-selling their wares,” wrote Welch. “Do you know anyone who wakes up and aspires to general luxuriousness? I do not. What we’re all really after—and what GQ Style is all about—is the charged-up feeling that comes from living a limitless, unbound life. Making money is cool, but what we truly want is to flourish. We want to thrive.”