GQ China Pulls Issue… Possibly To Retract Story On Rich Brats

The Chinese edition of GQ has pulled its July issue from newsstands after complaints from one of the interviewees for its article titled “Super Kids Driving Luxury Cars” complained about the reporter’s tactics. The story follows the young elite in China and their obsession with money, fashion, fast cars and status.
An article about the incident was removed the Global Times‘ site, but the WSJ reports that, according to the article in question, the founder of Beijing’s Sports Car Club, which was profiled in the GQ story, alleges that the reporter never made it clear that their conversation was being recorded:

The piece is full of the kind of elitist comments that drive many Chinese up the wall. One man met an attractive woman and wanted to hang out — until he realized her car was “five years out of fashion.”
“Secondhand goods,” he said, losing interest immediately.

A newsstand owner in China confirms the recall — enacted only one day after the issue came out — but GQ editors declined to comment on the issue.
Somewhere, M.I.A. is quietly laughing to herself over a plate of truffled diamond fries studded with tears and stardust.