Case study: Goya uses Facebook to grow its fan base, increase web traffic by 188 percent

Flightpath, a leading creative digital agency that helps brands forge consumer connections through strategic marketing initiatives, successfully increased digital brand awareness for Goya Foods by providing counsel and execution of the brand’s integrated digital media approach.

Over the course of a year and a half, Goya saw a 188 percent increase in website traffic and expanded its reach on Facebook, where it saw a fanbase growth from 1,600 to 150,355.

According to Technomics’ 2013 Hispanic Foodservice Consumer Trend Report, Hispanic buying power is climbing, and is projected to increase 50 percent by 2015 to reach $1.5 trillion. Despite this momentum amongst Hispanic consumers, Goya is also committed to sharing its rich culinary traditions to capture the attention of non-Hispanics.

John Lee, Senior Director of Digital Marketing at Flightpath, told Inside Facebook:

Our approach with Facebook was to try to engage with fans by using recipes and photos. Goya fans love talking about food. What they’re most interested in are recipes. This doesn’t just connect with Goya loyalist, but with generalists [who love food].

Lee said that the key demographic was women, aged 25-49, who were responsible for making the food choices within their household. Food photography was the major driver for engagement, as Goya posted to Facebook images of inspirational dishes and meals that anyone can perfect at home.

Goya has developed a range of digital offerings, which include a comprehensive online recipe catalog and a mobile site with recipes, product details and interactive shopping lists for busy users.

Flightpath did run ads on Facebook for Goya through Sponsored Stories. Lee said they “played around with a few,” but Goya does not spend much on ads, as organic growth is more important to them.

Lee discussed with Inside Facebook the company’s strategy for marketing through Facebook:

In conjunction with our Facebook ads campaign, Flightpath developed tabs showcasing latest features/promotions and limited time offers to create an incentive to drive likes. Our plan was to demonstrate how products can be incorporated into everyday meals, keep delivering fresh and informative content to give users a reason to keep coming back/engage and to sustain a real relationship with fans and keep core consumers involved on an ongoing basis.

But the real bottom line, Lee said, is just staying in contact with fans. Goya takes pride in actively engaging with its fanbase by answering questions and congratulating fans on good ideas — both in English and Spanish. Goya is very involved with events around the U.S. and they want to keep customers updated about what’s going on.

Social media seems to be a natural fit with these guys. Their brand is strong so it wasn’t hard to grow the Facebook fan base.

Image courtesy of Goya Foods’ Facebook page.