Governor Rick Scott Doesn’t Respond Well to Fans

More specifically, the Governor couldn’t handle his opponent’s single fan, which former Governor Charlie Crist was apparently using to keep cool in the Florida heat at yesterday’s would-be gubernatorial debate.

The intro segment has to be seen to be believed:

This went on for seven full minutes before Rick finally rolled onto the stage. Scott’s subsequent attempt to explain his own juvenile behavior is even better:

Did you get that? Scott refused to take the stage because he wanted to wait until his opponent “was ready?”

It’s almost like the Governor hired someone to tell him what not to do in front of a camera. Given the fact that Scott went so far as to adopt a rescue dog, ask his “fans” to help him name it, and then return it to its previous owner after the 2012 election, we expected him to be slicker under pressure.

Generally speaking, could there be a better example of American elections as lesser-of-two-evils contests? There’s only one appropriate way to respond to this nonsense:

Ok, maybe two ways: