Governor Paterson Loses Another Top Comm. Official

After being named in one of several New York Times bombshells about Governor David Paterson, press secretary Marissa Shorenstein resigned today. She was named directly as an active participant in an effort to cover up domestic abuse allegations involving the Governor’s closest adviser David Johnson. Luckily for her, her call to the victim didn’t go through. Shorenstein told the Observer’s PolitickerNY blog on March 2nd that she hired a lawyer as a result.

Shorenstein was one of the last communications officials still with the Governor. Tracy Sefl left in January before the series of stories hit, and director of communications Peter Kauffman left on March 4th.

Morgan Hook, a former TV reporter, was quickly upgraded from upstate press secretary to director of communications upon her departure.

Here’s Shorenstein’s full statement:

“It has been a privilege to serve New York State for the past two years and I thank the Governor for giving me the opportunity to do so.

Due to the circumstances that have led to my unwitting involvement in recent news stories, I can no longer do my job effectively. Throughout my career I have performed my duties professionally and with integrity, basing my actions on what I believed to be true at the time.

I therefore tender my resignation as Press Secretary to the Governor.”

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