Governor Andrew Cuomo’s Administration Can Make Its Own News, Thanks

Here’s a quick one we thought we’d run after yesterday’s House of Cards discussion.

While every PR person worth his or her salt will develop a close relationship with media contacts, some politicians’ offices try to bypass the traditional media entirely. New York Governor Andrew Cuomo‘s administration, for example, decided to start issuing its own weekly “State of New York” video reports last Friday. Here’s the first “webisode”:

Skeptical? You’re not the only one.

As Thomas Kaplan of The New York Times writes:

“Cuomo…is often unhappy about the news coverage of his administration. So now his administration is starting to cover itself.”

Now, before you get angry or make a George Orwell reference, officials clarified that the administration’s press office will produce the clips itself and that the series will not be funded with taxpayers’ money. So you can make fun of it all you want, but you can’t claim it’s a misappropriation of your hard-earned salary.

A Cuomo spokesman told Kaplan the series is “just another way to get the word out”, but based on the response we have to wonder how effective it will be.