Government Might Hand Over Oakland Museum of California to Nonprofit

Despite talk that the economy is very slowly picking up steam again, museums across the country are still dealing with less money and more cutbacks. However, for those museums financed by equally cash-strapped state governments, the Oakland Museum of California might have figured out a workable solution. Or perhaps this is just the one random case where things seem to be working out just fine. The City of Oakland, in a state well-known for his current financial ills, is thinking that it might hand over the museum entirely to the nonprofit organization who already owns a 50% stake. While the city has had trouble raising enough money to handle its own budget, the San Francisco Chronicle reports that the nonprofit, the Oakland Museum of California Foundation, has had great fortune in raising money. So the plan is to hand it over completely, thus relinquishing the city from having to fork out its share of the rent and the museum stays healthy under its currently well-run nonprofit. Though a decision on any of this reportedly won’t be until next June, it sounds like an interesting proposition. Maybe there’s some nonprofit out there that would like to take the Smithsonian off the feds hands?