Government Looks To “Retrain” Media People


Jump Start is a government-funded program aimed at taking people from occupations that no longer exist in today’s economy, and teaching them how to apply their skills to jobs that still exist. Last spring there was a Jump Start program for those who worked in the financial services industry, which helped finance workers learn skills for a new career at a tech firm, or something.

Now the second phase of this program begins: Jump Start New Media, which features a curriculum designed to retrain people who have lost jobs in “old” media, like newspapers, magazines and at traditional broadcast companies. Media workers who go through the program will learn skills that they can put to work in new media. We don’t like to make fun, because people been asking for a media bailout for ages now, and finally the government is going to teach us all how to fish for ourselves instead of just injecting trillions of dollars into the industry. Great!

Except that the market is already over-saturated with young 20-somethings who know everything there is to know about new media, and the only benefit of bringing someone from ‘old media’ onto your ‘new media’ project is to get the wealth of experience and expertise that comes with working 20 years in a news room.

Still though, it never hurts to learn something new, especially when it’s free. The Jump Start New Media program, designed by The Levin Institute, which is part of The State University of New York, begins February 1 right here in Manhattan. Learn more info about it here.