Government Cracks Down on Sao Paulo Museum


Looks like just a week into the international embarrassment thrust upon Brazil following the lamest art theft ever, has forced the government to take action, if just to save some face, as well as not have all of Sao Paulo crawling with cat burglars looking for a quick, easy score. As reported in Bloomberg, the government has decided to step in to create a new management system, so this sort of thing doesn’t happen again (we recommend hiring the biggest, scariest looking board members you can find — all the better if some have eye patches and others carry around baseball bats or even poisonous snakes). Unfortunately, all the attention all of this has cause, has also let slip out a few more embarrassing details, like reports of previous run-ins with the thieves who just broke in this week:

Police said they suspect the thieves are the same men who tried to break in at least twice before. On Oct. 29, a group overpowered two security guards who didn’t have the keys to the museum’s painting section. On Dec. 17, security guards chased off would-be thieves who were using a blowtorch to try to break through one of the back doors. The guards didn’t report the second incident to police.

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: if you’re going to open a museum with a billion dollars in artwork, don’t model your security force on the acting roles of Don Knotts. That includes The Incredible Mr. Limpet, even though we’re not sure how that would ever apply.