Govenor Tim Pawlenty Hosts Town Hall On Facebook

Conservative Minnesota Governor Tim Pawlenty has announced that he will be hosting a Town Hall this evening via his Facebook Page, which currently has over 33,000 fans. This is part of a continued wave of “Facebook Politics” in which politicians use the massively popular site as a platform for engaging with constituents. While some more innovative political candidates, such as 27-year-old Patrick Kennedy, are turning to all social media platforms (including Foursquare), Facebook is becoming a central player in the future of digital politics.

While there won’t be any massive announcements during today’s Town Hall (such as the Governor’s announcement to run for President or Congress), the Governor will announce support for other Congressional candidates. Facebook played a major role in the Obama 2008 campaign and Politicans from both sides of the aisle have increasingly turned to the site following Obama’s massive grass roots success.

While a Facebook Town Hall is not exactly a new concept, Tim Pawlenty told Fox News correspondent Greta Van Sursteren that he would be taking all questions from the audience (as long as there are no curse words). While political movements have been started on Facebook for years now, conservatives have been behind the trend until recently.

Sarah Palin however is one other conservative politician who has bucked the trend and has received an incredible amount of coverage for many of her public statements via Facebook Page. If you happen to live in Minnesota, you can participate in tonight’s Town Hall at 6:15 Central via Pawlenty’s Facebook page.