Gov. Chris Christie Previews His Summer Plans With Fake Action Movie Clip

"No Pain. No Gain." will not be coming to a theater near you.

New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie has released a fake movie trailer to highlight the fiscal issues he plans to focus on during a summer tour of the state. “Rated ‘R’ for “Reform,” the “No Pain. No Gain.” clip includes all of the booming sounds and explosions that you would expect from an action movie, but it’s about the state’s budget.

After Beyonce and Jay Z released a movie trailer for their “On the Run” tour, people were so interested that there was a petition to get the movie made. We’re pretty sure the same thing won’t happen here. Moreover, the movie was already made when it was called Pain & Gain, which is where the Christie team got the footage of The Rock. Still, there’s powerful footage of a New Jersey Transit train going by. Not sure whether to laugh or groan at this one, so we’ll do both.

It’s can be good to incorporate a little humor in a political message where appropriate, and this will certainly make people sit up and notice for the minute and 20 seconds that it plays. But ultimately, it’s a little too cheese ball to reach real viral status. For that, we’d have to look to “The Evolution of Dad Dancing,” which features Gov. Christie shaking a tail feather with Jimmy Fallon.


Or we can go back a little further when he made this clip with the swoon-worthy Sen. Cory Booker (when Booker was Mayor of Newark).

Now that Gov. Christie has had some success going viral, expect a lot more of these videos. Some will be better than others.

h/t Buzzfeed