Gourmet Live Is Now Available

gourmet_live_9.23.jpgThe wait is finally over, loyal Gourmet fans (…gourmands?). Gourmet Live, the (free!) digital version of the shuttered print edition of the magazine, is now available for the iPad though the app store and via Gourmet‘s site. Those without an iPad can still enjoy Gourmet Live’s content online through its blog (which includes a recipe for my new favorite food / thing in existence).

Back in June, Condé Nast offered a little peek at what the app would look like, calling it an “immersive and interactive content experience built on an ever-expanding collection of articles, menus, photos, videos and more, encouraging social connectivity and sharing, and game play.”

The app will include both archived stories from the magazine as well as new content, including original recipes, videos and slideshows. Users who make use of the app’s interactive features can earn rewards, such as “unlocking” tips and features within the app. Its cover will be updated on a daily basis, as well its constantly refreshing batch of content and features. As an added benefit, the more time users spend with the app, the more it will customize itself to their individual browsing and reading preferences.

Juliana Stock, Gourmet Live’s general manager, highlights the many ways users can engage with the app:

This app brings together the key components of a good meal — great company through access to social networks, the best ingredients in the form of fantastic content, and a beautiful presentation.

We’re serving up content developed exclusively for Gourmet Live and curating the great content of Gourmet magazine in reimagined ways.