Gourmet Alumni Gather in AOL’s KitchenDaily

AOL gathered together some former Gourmet magazine staffers in the kitchen and launched new Website KitchenDaily, with former Gourmet editor Cheryl Brown as editor in chief and Megan Steintrager, formerly of Epicurious.com, as senior editor, Silicon Alley Insider reported.

Former Gourmet food editors Kemp Minifie and Gina Marie Miraglia Eriquez, as well as former Gourmet test kitchen director Ruth Cousineau, are also on board, according to Silicon Alley Insider. Condé Nast shut down Gourmet in October.

AOL also brought in Top Chef judge Gail Simmons, Curtis Stone, Marcus Samuelsson, and Mark Bittman of The New York Times to contribute content, but the company said KitchenDaily is a recipe site for busy moms needing quick, easy, and healthy recipes, with AOL Women’s and Lifestyle Group senior vice president Stephanie Dolgins saying in a release:

KitchenDaily is designed to help busy home cooks, moms in particular, make smart, informed decisions about food and cooking, while also helping to instill confidence in their abilities in the kitchen. We aim to offer real food for real life and want our audience to know they don’t have to sacrifice quality and nutrition for speed.