Gouging Ourselves At Tony‘s Eat Out ’07

tony2.jpgWe never were very good at the whole moderation thing. We double fist $9 Bud Lights at Yankees Stadium. We drink a gallon of water a day. We eat five mini bagels for breakfast when two would do. We offer too many examples of our inability to consume in moderation. You get the point.

So it was no surprise when we woke up this morning and found ourselves still stuffed from the previous night of scarfing down grub at Time Out New York‘s Eat Out ’07. 40 of Gothams’s finest establishments — from Baci & Abbracci to Graydon Carter‘s home away from home, The Waverly Inn — offered finger food for the mass of foodies (our photographer) and sustenance eaters (us) alike. DJCat kept the room bumping, although after 15 minutes, we were all too full to dance anyway.

Reactions to the delicacies ran the gamut from the exceptional (“This tastes like heaven.”) to less complimentary (“This tastes like Play-Doh.”) Chopin, Stella and Pom provided free drinks to cleanse the palate between aps. As we staggered out onto Hudson St. and began the long rollwalk home, we agreed that the best thing we had all night was a Kobe beef hot dog courtesy of Harry’s Cafe and Steak. It was the first dish we inhaled. Coincidence? We think not.
Just a few of the 40 restaurants included