Richard Johnson, Diane Clehane Compare Michael’s Lunch Notes

How’s this for a handsome couple?

On the left is our indefatigable “Lunch” columnist Diane Clehane. On the right, New York Post columnist Richard Johnson, back at the Big Apple juicy-bites biz after a sojourn on the west coast. The two got together last week at Michael’s at the behest of Niche Media entertainment editor-in-chief Catherine Sabino.

“For their upcoming [May/June] “Women’s Power” issue, Gotham magazine asked me to select someone to have lunch with at Michael’s and they would report on our chat,” Clehane explains. “I invited Richard, who I’ve met of course at Michael’s but have never had the opportunity to lunch with. We’ve never really spoken at length, but he was game to do this which was great because he never does press.”

“Among the things we discussed: the fine art of the NYC power lunch; our most interesting encounters at Michael’s; and why we think the media mavens flock there,” she adds. “Richard was nice enough to say FishbowlNY’s “Lunch” has a little something to do with Michael’s popularity. And among those we spotted while doing our lunch: Donnie Deutsch (in a tight T-shirt of course!), David Lauren (son of Ralph) and PR scion Steve Rubenstein.”

“It was more than a little odd with both of us being subjects of a story rather than reporting it, but it was fun seeing how the other half lives for an afternoon. We both agreed that the “clubby” atmosphere at Michael’s lends itself to getting tidbits from diners who might not plan on giving you news.”

Update (April 25):
The Gotham magazine feature on Clehane and Johnson’s powwow is now live. Read it here.

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