Got Work-Life Balance? According to Glassdoor Survey Results, Yahoo! Sure Does

Even though Yahoo! ranked 16 out of 25 on Glassdoor’s annual report, the fact that Marissa Mayer eliminated the work from home option last year says a lot.

The report is based on employee feedback from the past 12 months and companies must pre-qualify. That is, they must have at least 50 work-life balance ratings on its site within the past 12 months as well and at least 10 ratings the year prior to that.

The average work-life balance on a scale of one to five (five topping the scale at “very satisfied”) was 3.2. Tech company SAS Institute snagged the top spot with a rating of 4.5 and National Instruments followed close behind them with 4.3.

Without further ado, here’s the top 25 list…

  1. SAS Institute
  2. National Instruments
  3. Slalom Consulting
  4. Mitre
  5. Orbitz
  6. ScottTrade
  7. Mentor Graphics
  8. FactSet
  9. Agilent Technologies
  10. Nokia
  11. MathWorks
  12. Autodesk
  13. AOL
  14. Citrix
  15. GlobalLogic
  16. Yahoo
  17. Tieto
  18. MasterCard
  19. Morningstar
  20. Shell
  21. Bosch
  22. Chevron
  23. REI
  24. STMicroelectronics
  25. NetApp