Got Typos? New Survey Says It Could Be Game Over When They’re on Your Resume

typosIf you have one or two typos on your resume that state something like you’re “graduating this Maybe,” listen up.

Per a new Accountemps survey, that’s enough of a reason to be dismissed from the hiring process. That is, 63 percent of senior managers in the survey indicated they would say buh-bye to candidates with typos in their CVs.

As for the good news? The survey shows employers are more lenient than they’ve been in the past. In 2009, 40 percent of survey participants indicated one minor snag on a resume would put it in the slush pile but now that number has decreased to 17 percent.

According to the press release, Max Messmer, chairman of Accountemps and author of Job Hunting For Dummies®, 2nd Edition, dished advice:

“The quick and casual nature of communication today shouldn’t extend to the job application process. Job seekers should take great care in crafting, proofreading and submitting their resumes.

Attention to detail is required for most jobs, and a resume should showcase this skill — not detract from it.”

So, the next time you scurry to send your resume to a networking contact or recruiter, pause and peruse your resume one more time to see if any errors stand out. Here were some of our favorite errors as per their press release:

  • “My last employer fried me for no reason.”
  • “I am looking for my big brake.”
  • “Referees available upon request.”
  • “My talent will be very a parent when you see me work.”
  • “Objective: To secure a challenging position and accell in the accounting industry.”
  • “My three biggest hobbies are cars, racquetball, golf, and reading.”
  • “Work experience: academic tudor.”
  • “Earned a diploma from a very repudiated college.”
  • “Looking for a bass salary of $40,000.”