Got Search Ranking Problems? Google Serves Up Some Damage Control

Just replace the word “alcohol” with the word “Google” in this scene and you’ll get an idea about how webmasters, marketers and all sorts of content creators view the “Don’t Be Evil” dudes.

Today, however, Everything PR reports that Google has made what looks like an attempt to save face by advising webmasters on how not to have their sites de-ranked for no apparent reason.

The Googs are notorious for not doing a whole hell of a lot on the PR or customer service fronts, and people tend to get pissed when their websites simply disappear from search rankings one day, la di da. The (correct) belief that Google doesn’t offer much help for vexed content managers leads to much venting in comment threads—and it might even inspire some to start using (gasp) Bing!

Next Monday, Google will for the first time “take a look” at websites that managers would like to submit for review. “Webmaster trends analyst” John Mueller will lead what might be the most useful Google+ hangout ever, in which he will advise those who’ve lost their rankings on what, exactly, went wrong.

We’re not webmasters, but we have spent time in SEO classes so we know how frustrating this can be. If Google seriously cares about the perception that their service strategy amounts to “Sorry, we can’t hear you”, then they might want to make this a regular thing.

Lesson here? It’s good to be king—but you’d better throw some bread to the peasants if you want to prevent that violent revolt.