Got PR Ethics? There’s an App for That!

The folks at the top of the PR pyramid spend a good deal of time debating ethics in the industry. We get it: it can be hard to tell whether a certain action crosses that invisible line we draw between “OK” and “Not cool”. Now the PRSA (that’s Public Relations Society of America to strangers) and MSLGROUP have joined forces to address this crucial issue–with a mobile app.

PRSA Chair and CEO Mickey G. Nall says the app, which is of course based on the organization’s Code of Ethics, will give folks in the industry “easy access to real-time guidance to know that what they’re doing is right.”

The app’s features include official statements of professional values, in-depth explanations of the various PRSA code provisions and professional standards advisories on issues like plagiarism, the ethical use of interns, the “greenwashing” phenomenon and the appropriate use of non-original content. It also includes updated links to related PRSA blog posts, an ethics quiz and an “ask us a question” feature that sends your ethical quandary straight to the organization’s resident expert.

We don’t have a direct link to the app right now, but you can download it for free in the Android Market or the App Store. And we haven’t used it extensively, but so far our only complaint is that the “home” button is a little small and hard to activate. Minutiae, we know.

So tell us, readers: would you use the app? Could it affect the ways those in the industry (and especially its many young professionals) think about the ethical concerns that underlie everything we do?