Got more room on your browser for another toolbar? Try Minggl, a social network toolbar

minggl.jpgFor those of you who are such social networking fanatics (like me), monitoring our profiles in several social networking sites could become cumbersome at some time. It would be tedious to logged in to each of these social networks to check updates from our social networking friends. I know some of them have email alerting services, but this could easily flood our email inboxes. Rejoice, everyone! For here comes Minggl to save our day!

Minggl is a social networking toolbar that ports your social network activities on your web browser’s toolbar. It currently works for Internet Explorer and Firefox and works as a plug-in that run in the background while your web browser is active. A notification appears whenever there are activities in your various social networks.
Basically, Minggl lets you do the following:

  • Consolidate friends from across sites into your sidebar
  • Automatically log into all your profiles
  • Update status on multiple sites from one place
  • Get notifications of mail, comments, and friend activity no matter where you are on the web
  • Set privacy rules that allow you to display different content on your profiles based on which friends are viewing (Coming Soon)


To start install the Minggl toolbar, you need to create an account at Minggl first (honestly, I don’t know why there is a need to do this). Then you can download the toolbar and install it on your web browser. After installing, you will have to restart your browser and after restarting you’ll see the toolbar appearing on your web browser’s toolbar area. Now is the time to start setting up which social networks will you want to monitor. You will be asked for your indivual username and password to your social networking sites

After this, you can go back to your normal web browsing activity and wait for the Minggl updates to pop out from your screen.

Note: I tried adding a social network after successfully installing the toolbar. But unfortunately there must be something wrong because I can’t make it to work. If you were able to make this thing work, please tell us what you did by leaving a comment.