Got Cubicles? New Business Offers Cubicle Rentals at Real Offices

Let’s face it: As freelancers we have several options for work locations and none of them truly include a traditional office with employees. That is, until now.

Sure, we can work from home, a nearby coffee shop or of course, rent coworking spaces whereby several freelancers also rent cubicles and convene at a communal water cooler.

Offering a twist to coworking, Loosecubes, gives freelancers the ability to work at host companies with spare desks. Consider it hoteling if you were actually in-house.

According to a piece in The New York Post, the premise behind the Brooklyn-based company is to create synergy and energy; to essentially feed off the buzz of others and give as well.

Founder Campbell McKellar explained to the newspaper, “Loosecubes is a loosely arranged network of offices that people can join as a coworker for the day, but it’s also a loose network of professionals who meet each other in these physical environments and are doing projects with each other, starting businesses with each other and hiring each other for freelance work.”

Currently, 120 companies are on board in NYC and it sounds like there are plans to extend to major cities both here and abroad. Per the piece, most of the users who registered (both users and hosts register on the site and get matched by interests and skills) are freelancers but there are also traveling workers, too and employees of various companies who no longer have available office space.

That said, there is a time limit set for each location. The host sets this boundary which is typically one to three days each month and best of all? According to the piece, most users have found office cubicles to dwell in for free.