Got Clients Who Visit Hookers? Here’s a Big Press Opportunity


(Image via Writechic’s post “Hookers Prefer Republicans,” due for revision)

For those of you who remember the duration and salaciousness of the Monica news cycle, Spitzergate is shaping up to be one of the biggest punditfests of this decade. Political consultants, lawyers, psychologists, and sexperts are feasting wildly on a buffet of reactive opportunities ranging from NPR all the way down the scandal ladder.

If you join Peter Shankman‘s FaceBook Group “If I can help a reporter out, I will…” will find this juicy query from an extremely large wire service:

Hi..My name is XXX and I am a reporter for XXX. I am searching for men who use or have used prostitutes for a story about Eliot Spitzer.

Questions include: why did you turn to a prostitute, how did you find her (on the street through a site, how much did you spend, etc.) There is no criticism or judgment, just looking for men willing to share their experiences. You must be willing to speak on the record and give your full name, age, and location.

This information will be verified.

On the record???