Got A Story To Tell? Tell It With Broadcastr

Mobile devices like smartphones and tablets can connect real life with the virtual world of social networks by incorporating location into what we share. A good example of this is Broadcastr, which is a new social media site that associates audio recordings with locations, using smartphones to make the recording and determine the location of where the recording is made.

Broadcastr is currently in beta, but apps are freely available for iOS and Android smartphones. When you first start Broadcastr you see your current location on a map, and recordings made near your location are represented by a small blue pin. Tap the pin to see the name of the recording along with a rating, and tap the play button to hear the recording. The more information page of the recordings provides the ability to rate the recording, enter comments, and share it on Facebook, Twitter, or via email.

Contributing your own recordings is very straight forward. You tap record, create the recording, provide a name for the recording, select a category and enter a tag, and then specify the location for the recording. Broadcastr will use your current location that the smartphone provides, but you can also pin a location on a map that is different from your current location. As an example, I made a recording from my home in the suburbs of Detroit and pinned it to U.S. 2 in St. Ignace, Michigan.

In addition to the user contributed recordings that you find via the map, Broadcastr has featured content from a variety of sources like Fodor, which has recordings for San Francisco and New York. One of the most poignant sets of recordings in the featured content are stories of witnesses and first responders on September 11.

I found Broadcastr a fun way to find audio recordings to listen to and to make, and the apps ran well on my iPod Touch and Nexus S. If you enjoy telling stories, I think you will enjoy Broadcastr.