Use Your iPhone To Host A Yard Sale

Summer is a great time to clean out the house and sell those old golf clubs you never use anymore. Since shipping heavy things on eBay can be kind of a pain, holding a local yard sale is a good way to go. To help you list and sell items locally, there is a new app available called Yardsale.

Yardsale lets you list all of your stuff for sale and share your listings with friends via Facebook and Twitter. Wired has more about how it works: “It takes as little as about 30 seconds to post a listing to the app. After snapping a few pictures of what you want to sell, you just write a short description, select a price, and add the listing on Yardsale. The app is set up so you can easily cross-post your item on Craigslist, too.”

It’s a great tool for shopping too. Need a new lawn mower? Your neighbors may be selling theirs and you can use the app to find items for sale based on the distance to your house.