Got a little Seacrest in you?

Desperate for that big chance to ask Jane Kaczmarek a question on the red carpet and prove you know how to prounce her name? Can you convincingly tell Jon Cryer and Charlie Sheen that “Two and Half Men” has finally gotten the Emmy nomination it deserved for so many years? Do you watch Ryan Seacrest and think, “I can lower my IQ and smile big enough to ask celebrities embarassingly stupid questions just as well as he does?”
Well now’s your big chance. E! is letting viewers enter a contest to go to the Emmy red carpet with its “star” Ryan Seacrest and, get this folks!, the winner will join him for a real, honest to God, “celebrity interview.”

Of course, the small print says that the “celebrity” in question will be one of the five nominated sitcom sound editors, but E! isn’t really advertising that fact.

And to be honest, this is better than E!’s usual way of recruting talent: going to local homes for the metally challenged and asking who can convincingly say, “Is that a new mole on Gwyneth’s neck? Come back after the commercial to find out!” without vomiting.