Got 99 Problems But Absorbency Ain’t One | Erick Erickson Still Exists | Wikipedia = Breaking News Source?

AgencySpy: Yo, cuz, how totally dope and funky fresh is this paper towel campaign? You know it gets your designated household shopper SPRUNG like WHAT.

CNN: CNN has hired fart incarnate Erick Erickson as a political contributer, despite fact that the entirety of his political knowledge can be being easily summed up with the sentence “girls have cooties.”

ReadWriteWeb: Should Wikipedia be trusted as a breaking news source? Or just as a diversion from work that sees you starting with an article on a TV show and ends with you knowing myriad trivia about the Bubonic plague?

Yale Alumni Magazine: Thanks to digital media, will bookplates go the way of typewriters, cassettes and monogamy?

FishbowlLA: Is Kirstie Alley’s weight loss company a front for Scientology? Does Tom Cruise shit in the woods?