Gossipist Book Reading Turns Into Regular Book Reading

Our literati-leaning bro-heems at GalleyCat overlapped our all-New York media coverage today with a report about a book reading scheduled for the Bubble Lounge tonight that was supposed to feature some of the city’s most noted gossips — ex-Post reporters-cum-authors Deborah Schoeneman (the evening’s host), Bridget Harrison and Ian Spiegelman, as well as Dana Vachon and FishbowlNY founder Elizabeth Spiers — but has since been reduced to Spiegelman, Moth chair Alex Roy and Pamela Wasserstein.

Schoeneman says Vachon and Spiers felt it was too early for them to be out promoting their as-yet-unpublished works. Spiegelman says Harrison’s departure might have something to do pressure from current Post employees, who are working under a reported moratorium on contact with Spiegelman. Schoeneman says that a Paula Froelich-hosted book party for Harrison probably put Harrison in an awkward situation due to Froelich’s documented anti-Schoenemania.

See, that was easy to follow.

Ex-Gossipers Provide Gossip Column Fodder [GalleyCat]