Gossip Returns!

The Reliable Source is back! The dual new Reliable Sources started today. Their debut number, jumping off the front of the Style section and filling the top half of C3, is packed with gossip about celebrities and some actually “spotted” items under a “Hey, Isn’t That….” headline: “Jenna Bush, with a young man, checking into the spa at Four Seasons over the weekend for massage appointments.”

The lead item, as is right with any gossip column, leads with Ben Affleck. The inside page also offers a Love Etc. column, and an item on the new CBS Amazing Race season.

Will they be able to inject some life into the regular gossip columns of Washington? Stay tuned….

[I.E. We’ll give them a day before we start writing about how much it sucks and how boring it is. On the other hand, it’s better than Karen Feld‘s column today.]

> We held off judgement, but not everyone else did. The knives are obviously out. An emailer says: “Mistake in first new Reliable Source. Today’s RS reports, ‘Demi Moore, 42, and actor Ashton Kutcher, 27, got married Saturday in Hollywood, according to People magazine and Us Weekly.’ WRONG. Both magazines actually reported that they got married in Beverly Hills. Beverly Hills is a separate city; Hollywood is a neighborhood within the city of Los Angeles. Would the Post tolerate this if they reported that an event happened in the District, but it actually took place in PG County?”

Um, did we mention it was their first day?