“Gossip Girl” Producers Seek Real Girl For New Web Series

private.png We are confirmed “Gossip Girl” fans here at FBNY, so when we heard of an open casting call for a new web series from the creators of “GG” based on another book series, we had to do some investigating.

Alloy Entertainment, the marketing company behind such teenage fare as “Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants” and “Privileged” — as well as “Gossip Girl” — is taking Kate Brian’s “Private” book series to the web and looking to the books’ fans to fill out the cast.

Both “Gossip Girl” and “Private” are targeted to teen girls, take place at fictional elite schools and deal with relationships, fashion and gossip. However, “Private” is a mystery series that focuses on Reed Brennan and her life at a Connecticut boarding school. The web series will be tied to the first four books in the 10-book “Private” series and will unravel the mystery behind the the murder of Thomas, Reed’s boyfriend.

Starting today, real “Private” fans can visit the book’s site, download one of three monologues and upload a video of them reading one 60-second script. Fans can visit the site to vote on their favorite uploaded videos — the top 15 fan favs will win prizes — with the producers picking their top three to compete in a six-part casting competition that will ultimately become a reality series.

The “casting off” reality series will air in late July and the winner will snag the role of Kiran Hayes, a fashion model living in the elite Billings House on the school’s campus, in the 20-episode “Private” web series. Kiran’s role in the series is going to be fleshed out more than it is in the book, according to Alloy EVP Josh Bank. “She has much more of a presence in the series,” he said — careful to reveal nothing about the mystery.

Can “Private” turn into a new guilty pleasure for all those post-teens like us that watch “Gossip Girl”? At any rate, it will be fun to watch this process unfold. Who knows, they may end up discovering the next Leighton Meester.

And in case you or some teenage girl you know plans to audition, you may want to dress the part: Target just announced plans to debut a “Gossip Girl” inspired clothing line designed by Anna Sui. You know you want it.

After the jump, one of the monologues from the “Private” audition competition



Kiran (16, stylish, confident) sits at her computer, recording a VIDEO BLOG of herself. She talks to her fans…

(directly into camera)
I just got back from a shoot in LA–
AMAZING. I’ll upload some pics
a.s.a.p. Actually, I kinda missed
being at school for once. I know,
like why, right? Well…

Kiran checks the room, making sure she’s alone, then looks
back at the camera.

Between you and me, I’m seeing
someone new. Can’t name names,
but… he’s adorable. Sweet and
totally different than the
conceited actors and rock stars I
usually go for. And he doesn’t even
care that I’m a model. Which is
weird. But good. I can even eat in
front of him, something I never do
with guys. Thing is, I’m not sure
the Billings Girls will approve.
They can be real —

Kiran’s PHONE buzzes, interrupting her.

Oops, speaking of the witches…

Kiran gets up and leaves.