'Gossip Girl' Goes Virtual With New Facebook Game

Warner Brothers Interactive Entertainment announced the studio's expansion into social gaming with the launch of Gossip Girl: Social Climbing, based on the hit CW Network show.

Can’t get enough of the CW Network’s “Gossip Girl” on TV? Well you’re in luck – now you can engage in catty, backstabbing, materialistic behavior while you’re logged onto Facebook.

Warner Brothers Interactive Entertainment announced the studio’s expansion into social gaming with the launch of the new game, Gossip Girl: Social Climbing, where “fans can participate in the scandalous lives of privileged young adults in New York City,” according to the press release

Just like in the show, the Gossip Girl game proves it’s not what you know, it’s who you know. As you could probably guess, the premise of the game is centered around being in the coolest places in Manhattan, advancing your social standing, and wearing the nicest clothes. Developed by Arkadium, the same company that makes the Facebook games Solitaire Heaven and Ultimate Fan, the Gossip Girl game lets players earn points for completing missions, attending parties, being seen at the same events as A-List celebrities, and attending sample sales.

“We recognize Facebook is a very important, growing platform for games, and for our first step in the space we have made a fun game for the hugely popular franchise ‘Gossip Girl,'” said Martin Tremblay, president of Warner Brothers Interactive Entertainment, in a press release. “We are creating new categories of social games with built-in appeal to their extensive fan base.”

So bottom line, if you’re not completely nauseated by the hour-long show, then this game might just be for you. Click here to play it now.

Does this sound like a Facebook game you would play? Do you think the show translates well into a virtual game?

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