Gossip From The Condé Nast Holiday Luncheon

The first thing you need to understand when discussing the Condé Nast luncheon yesterday is that it was just a lunch. Luncheon is just a rich person word for lunch. With that out of the way, let’s get to some of the more notable moments from the meal at the Four Seasons.

The New York Post reports that everyone was in pretty good spirits. Charles Townsend, the CEO of Condé, said, “We had a very good year — up in high single digits,” and said the company’s digital business was doing well.  Si Newhouse was sitting at a table with Scott Dadich, David RemnickBrandon Holley and a few others. This seating arrangement can mean something or nothing. Feel free to pick one and spread those thoughts to everyone you know.

Newhouse had plenty of love for Anna Wintour, who was seated with newcomer Dawn Ostroff because they both like turkey on rye. Or so we think.

Jason Wagenheim, who was just ousted as Publisher of Glamour early yesterday, was even feeling the good vibes. He emphatically stated that he was staying at Condé and we would all hear more about it soon.

And finally, Graydon Carter proudly declared that the lunch was “the best ever.” We’re just happy he called it a lunch.