AMI Responds to Gossip Cop 2016 ‘Busted’ Rankings

"We embrace this honor," says chief content officer Dylan Howard.

Continuing a tradition begun in 2014, website Gossip Cop has summarized its previous-year activities in the form of a Top Ten list of most “busted” media outlets. These are, according to the Dan Abrams co-founded operation, the websites and weekly publications found last year to be most often publishing incorrect celebrity news.

Dylan Howard, chief content officer of American Media, Inc., isn’t too concerned, despite the fact that four AMI publications – the National Enquirer, Radar, OK! and Star – occupy the top four 2016 Gossip Cop spots.

“We embrace this honor,” Howard tells FishbowlNY, “because it means that we are breaking the stories you will read nowhere else. It proves we’re the only ones with the guts to tell it like it is.”

“Gossip Cop and its pathetic band of “Keystone Cops” are the real fake news,” he insists. “Taking a publicist at their word unchallenged and on their empty merits is NOT journalism. It is pandering to the Hollywood elite and downright objectionable to anyone who calls themselves a real reporter. It’s the state-run media of Hollywood sycophants—simply a mouthpiece for those who are paid to protect the reputations of celebrities, and a site profiteering off whatever a publicist asks them to do.”

“Take, for example, the following instances,” Howard adds. “The “Mall Cops” insisted Sandra Bullock had NOT adopted daughter Laila after we exclusively broke the story. Screamed one writer, at the time: ‘Clearly, the outlet still has no idea what’s going on with Bullock’s personal life.’ Proving their inherent bias, the site failed to correct its error. Ben Affleck was NOT divorcing Jennifer Garner. True. Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie were NOT splitting. True. Mariah Carey’s engagement to James Packer was NOT over. True. Lamar Odom DID NOT write a suicide note. We published the actual document.”

“These same Mall Cops shamelessly accepted Charlie Sheen’s protest of innocence that he NEVER put victim’s lives at risk through unprotected sex. It was The Enquirer that got the audiotape that proved he’d lied. They also said Caitlyn Jenner did NOT get a boob job. I think Caitlyn would suggest otherwise.”

“These are just a few of the many examples,” Howard concludes. “Those who protest the loudest are not always the ones telling the bold truth.”

It’s also worth noting that the 1308 AMI stories busted by Gossip Cop in 2016 represent around three percent of the combined total annual print and digital outputs of those four publications. Once the other AMI properties are added in, Howard tells us the grand total of stories published last year was around 46,730.

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