Gordon Ramsay Starts Vegan Twitter Fight

Welp, if you can't stand the meat, get out of his kitchen.

Despite his over-commercialization and near-Kardashian visibility, Gordon Ramsay, 49, is one of the most accomplished chefs on the planet. And… he knows it.

The guy isn’t shy about sharing his opinions with the world, and it often gets him in trouble.

But what on earth could he have said that he hasn’t said already? On Twitter, he was asked what on earth causes him allergic issues:

Sure, some of the real impassioned hipster types can be about as annoying as a PETA member touring Sea World, but Chef Ramsay just said what’s up. Sure, he was joking. Of course, it was a slight jab. But, these are vegans. So, queue the angst and light his behind up in a saute pan.

We know! Vegans are known for usually being super chill. So surprising.

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