GOP12’s Heinze Joins The Hill

The Hill‘s Editor Hugo Gurdon sent a memo out to staff this afternoon. He announces that GOP12’s Christian Heinze will be joining the staff (with his blog, of course). He’ll start Jan. 3. Best part: He cites Slate‘s Quintessential Cool Kid Dave Weigel’s opinion on Heinze as if Weigel is a Hollywood celeb. We love that.

Subject: blog and blogger

Read the memo after the jump…

We’re planning several exciting new developments for 2011, so I’ll be sending you updates frequently in the next few weeks. I hope’s you’ll be as pleased about them as I am.

The first development I can tell you about is that GOP12, the blog founded and run by Christian Heinze, is going to be incorporated into and Christian will join the staff of The Hill. GOP12 has built an unmatched database about the activities of every Republican mentioned as a possible presidential nominee. His blog is widely admired and has won high praise from our rivals.

Chris Cillizza, at the Washington Post, described GOP12 as the “best new arrival in the political blog world”

Slate’s David Weigel said people “should read”  Christian’s blog “all the time”

Politico’s Ben Smith described GOP12 as “indispensable” and “remarkably good”

We agree, so it’s great that Christian is bringing GOP12 to The Hill. He’ll keep covering potential Republican nominees while Sam Youngman tracks President Obama’s re-election campaign. And the two of them will continue to write their side-by-side columns every week.

Christian will start with us on Jan 3.

As I said, there’s plenty in the pipeline and I’ll get back to with more news as the new year and 112th Congress approach.

Thanks, Hugo