Want To Follow The GOP Convention On Twitter? There’s A Page For That

Want to keep tabs on all the wild happenings at the Republican National Convention?

Thanks to Twitter, you won’t miss one RNC moment as the event not only has its own hashtag, but a dedicated page as well!

If you follow #GOP2012 hashtag you’ll see tweets from the convention front and center organized neatly for you:



And what else can you see on the page? A live video feed:

Pics from the convention:


And tweets both supporting and criticizing pretty much everything. As we know, witty tweets are the lifeblood of Twitter:


You can also see tweets from regular folks who may not qualify as “top people” by clicking “View All Tweets” on the top right, just above the top tweet:


Just try not to be like this guy and dismiss folks who don’t have a ton of followers – everyone counts.


Are you following along? What do you think of the coverage? Pretty wild, hmm?

(USA 2012 image from Shutterstock)

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