Googling Your Way Across The Atlantic

Now that The Atlantic Monthly has moved to Washington, we’re happy to add them to the roster of outlets we can yap about. In an email recently sent out by The Atlantic, they included “Unusual search-engine queries that have brought visitors to The Atlantic Online.”

Some of the search queries are hilarious and lead us to wonder what search queries lead Googlers to, say, Roll Call? CQ? DC Style and the like…

Googling monkeys out there, send your results here.

The Atlantic:

    “Are cummerbunds cool?”
    “Ventriloquists for hire”
    “Shetland pony hygiene habits”
    “Merits and demerits of toothpaste”
    “Dukakis president 2008”
    “How to cheat on IQ test”
    “Am I a poseur?”
    “Uday Hussein was a tall man”
    “Ahmad Rashad on the Taliban”
    “Paris Hilton’s political opinions”
    “When is the apocalypse?”