Google’s Star Wars Web Game Turns Your Phone Into a Lightsaber

The browser mini-game challenges users to escape the First Order using their phone as a lightsaber.

Google has released its latest Chrome Experiment, ’Lightsaber Escape.’ Inspired by Star Wars: The Force Awakens, the mini-game connects a user’s phone to their desktop browser, turning the phone into a lightsaber which can be used to defeat enemies as they attempt to escape the First Order.

To play, users can visit in their phone’s browser or on their desktop, and follow the instructions to connect their device to the Web game. The experience works across browsers, without plug-ins.

Once users connect their device, they can deflect oncoming attacks by moving their phone left and right to see the lightsaber move within the Web game. Players can also move their device forward in a slashing motion during the game’s melee combat sequence.

The screen glows red as players take damage, and players can be captured if they fall in combat. When players fail, they can restart the game at their last checkpoint.

Games are timed, and users are encouraged to share their completion time with friends on social media. Users can replay the game to decrease their completion time.

Readers: What do you think of this Star Wars mini-game?