Google’s Sky Map for Android Looks Like a Pie in the Sky Winner

Screenshot courtesy of Google

Here’s an app that I originally not planning on mentioning here since (a) I don’t have an Android phone and (b) how interesting can a sky map app be? Right? Wrong…

Sky Map for Android – A Mobile Planetarium

The more I thought about it after reading its description, the more I liked the idea of the app…

Using these two sensors, the app can determine the exact direction that your phone is facing and display the stars that are visible. If you want to identify that bright star in the west, all you have to do is point the device in that direction and you’ll see “Venus” appear on your screen.

The “two sensors” mentioned above are the G1’s compass and accelerometer. iPhone users are familiar with the accelerometer but do not have a compass.

So, if you have a T-Mobile G1, you might want to check out this free app from the Google Mobile team. If I had an Android based phone, I’d definitely give it a try.

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