Google’s Parent Company Announcement Isn’t As Easy As A-B-C

Reciting the Alphabet is about to get very expensive.

Quick Quiz, PR Pros: What is the number one thing you would counsel a new start-up to own before announcing its brand? An online presence! One that includes a website, social media accounts, and maybe even some custom hashtags while you’re at it.

Put a pin in that as we discuss Google’s new parent company, Alphabet.

It’s no secret that Google is too big for the World Wide Web alone. Now that the search juggernaut has moved into self-driving cars, street-view maps, smart homes and even drones, the company’s co-founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin felt there were some changes to be made. Ergo, Alphabet. This may help–thanks, CNN:

alphabet parent company

Back to the online stuff. Larry and Sergey may have a problem in that they don’t own, which was purchased by BMW. Don’t try visiting the website because the swirl of death that says your Internet browser is thinking will just keep rolling. The company wasn’t ready for all this traffic, so here’s a screen shot:


That’s BMW’s business mobility and fleet management solutions website, which broke the Internet yesterday.

Google also doesn’t own @Alphabet. That honor goes to a “dad, husband, self-proclaimed geek who fires off regular gibberish, gobblety-gook about sports, tech, CLE, and whatever” named Chris Andrikanich.

He summarized his spike in traffic masterfully:

Of course Google never releases an official comment on anything, but we suspect that they enjoyed making BMW and Chris shareholders in the ABCs of the Internet.