Google’s New Privacy Policy Is Now in Effect – Check Out These 13 Privacy Controls

Weeks after adding Google plus Your World and other social layers to its product line, Google has officially updated its privacy policy.

The policy makers have combined 60 privacy policies into one document, streamlining the legal verbiage to better explain how the search engine collects, stores, and shares users’ personal information with third parties.  A comparison of past versions of the same policy shows what that looks like:

The biggest change to the policy in terms of user experience is that the company will now be able to track users on Google+, Gmail, and YouTube to further personalize the kinds of ads that they show them online. Fortunately, there is a tool box for ensuring that your personal information is secure.  Here is a list of privacy settings that you can control, with links to instructions. (Note that you will be prompted to log into your Gmail account.)

  1. Google Dashboard
  2. Ad Preferences Manager
  3. Data Liberation Front
  4. Keep My Opt-Outs
  5. Encrypted Search
  6. Incognito Mode in Google Chrome
  7. Street View Blurring and Takedowns
  8. Unlisted and Private Videos on YouTube
  9. Web History Controls
  10. Off the Record Gmail Chats
  11. Google Analytics Opt-Out
  12. Search Personalization Opt-Out
  13. Control Your Location in Google Latitude

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Image by Gunnar Pippel via Shutterstock.